Meet Liz Southwell

I taught as a full time Elementary and Middle School for 13.5 years, mostly in the 5th grade, and every year teaching Reading and Writing. The best way to get students to buy into what you are teaching is to make it personal for them. I used stories of my life and family to get them interested.

After several life changing events in my family, I decided to take time off from full time teaching.  In a soul-searching quest, I decided to start writing. I started with a personal story from my childhood. When I finished, I realized two important things. First, finding someone to publish my writing is extremely difficult-who knew? Second, I had a calling for writing-this I knew, but ignored because it seemed so unrealistic.

Life being as it is, does not stop. I blinked and a year had passed with no bites on my book. I got tired of trying, so I started another book. The main character in this book is based on my daughter, who is so much like me in every way my own mom wished a daughter for me to be-stubborn, sassy, and strong willed, with a dash of just enough sweet to make you frustrated. When I finished this book, I knew I had to share it with the world. I submitted to a few publishers, but also started another long process of learning about self-publishing. I really like the idea of being my own boss and working my own schedule. So I published it myself!


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